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Print Media and Multimedia Custom Design

Welcome to Luebird Media!

I am a stay at home mom, substitute teacher, farm wife, recreation director by day.

Multimedia/technology geek by night.

I have loved technology since my first computer at the age of 5, and I refuse to admit what it was and that I still have that same computer.  I have worked as a computer teacher from grade 8 – 12 in some way for the last 10 years.  The last three years teaching I had special time set aside for technology support for teachers and students.  I also work for the Parkland College, teaching Computer Basics, Office Education, and developing curriculum for Social Media in the Workplace.

Now that I have decided to stay at home and substitute when I can, I am missing technology.  I would love the opportunity to become involved with my community: teaching others how to use technology or creating items for others.

Have a look around my site and see what I can do for you!



Phone: (306)597-2115